Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Well It's been a hard and long weekend; this picture sums it all up perfectly!!! So now I'm trying to decipher Delicious. Having a little trouble as I have limited time, I do see the benfits of this site and are looking forward to using it myself when time permits. Bookmarking of this site for research and personal interest seems a great idea and an easy one to. What I like about the site is that an icon is placed into your tool bar and just the action of dragging your site to this is as hard as it seems!!!! Finally something that is simple. OK tea break then back on desk.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I've done it!!! Now what was this exersice called??? Only joking, lets see if we can get the link in this blog, God I'm getting good even If I say so myself. On a roll, must see what's next. Here is my link to Library thing, looking at what I've been reading lately is a bit of a dissapointment!!! Yes I seem to like fiction the best, why you ask well that easy. You are able to escape from the real world. Have just finished Panic which took quite a while as real life seemed to find a way in, but doesn't it always? Think I'm going to like this site as I will be able to get reviews before reading!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ok what can I say that would sound nice about bloglines???? Sorry but nothing at the moment!!! Not trying to be rude but sometimes I really think we are given to much choice in technology. Think I've had an overload with sites, passwords, usernames etc... But I will make this a challenge, yes thats right a challenge not a problem. (71/2 habits) I remember something wise!!! LOL.

The dogs expression says it all!!! (Well for today anyway)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ok, make a comment on anything Technology for this week!!! Funny things is, what isn't technology in this day and age? Now I just have to think of one to comment on. Why when asked it all becomes to hard!! LOL.

Ok many of you have probley used or know how to use powerpoint for presentations, but its something I'm teaching myself (with the help of my 13 year old). Doing quiet well but having trouble remembering things as I havent got time to play with it every day!!! Hoping to have it down pat so I am able to make presentations of the children into DVD's for Family Christmas Presents. Wish me luck......

Now off to post a message onto anothers blog. Have been told its easy so shouldn't take long. Will be posting on blogger springhillparklands!!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Flicker in Paris

Flicker!!! Must say it's quiet interesting to look around, like most sites I visit i think if it were used on a regular basis people would find it very useful. But to myself who has trouble finding time and if I do my bed usually wins 8 out of 10; i think it would be a bit scary!!! No not that scary but time would be needed. OK now I just have to figure out how to post my image site. Be right back....... Do believe I have done it!!!Yeah!!!!

I chose this image as I love the lighting of the building and one of my latest goals is to travel to Paris. I have this image in my head of eating a croissant or two at an outdoor cafe looking at the Eifel Tower. Ooh dont forget the skinny late!!! We can all dream cant we......

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

71/2 Habits of highly successful lifelong learners

I'm finally here! Didn't take long, but what do you name your account. Hopefully I can change it later when I'm feeling more creative.

So what is the hardest 7 1/2 Habits as I see them? Well I have a few favourites in the list but I guess the hardest would be No.3. Viewing problems as challenges, followed closley by No.4. Have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner. I know No.4. is hard for myself as I seem to start thing with all the good intentions but seem to loose heart part way through. I must say though, a pat on the back is warrented as I finished a course in 2005!!! yeah!!!! We all have to start somewhere. As for No.3. my mind set is that the world is out to get me and what else is new!!! I now have a new way to look at this, 'Challenges'. Lets see if I can remember this.

Can I stop writing now???

Oops!!! Nearly forgot, what is my easiest on the Habit List? Well this one is easy, No.71/2. PLAY. Have always known I was a big kid at heart, just have to remember to apply it more often and remember the dishes will still be there tomorrow!